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Attorney-at-Law Michael Horak, graduate engineer (Electrical Engineering), LL.M. (European Law)  Julia Ziegeler, Attorney-at-law  Attorney Umberg, LL.M., M.A.  Andree Eckhard, Patent Attorney  Katharina Gitmann, Attorney-at-law  Karoline Behrend, Attorney-at-law  Johanna K. Müller-Kühne, PhD, Patent Attorney  Andreas Friedlein, Attorney-at-law  Stefan Karfusehr, Attorney-at-law

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Attorneys at law

Georgstr. 48
30159 Hannover

Fon: +49/(0)511/357356-0
Fax: +49/(0)511/357356-29

Lawyer, graduate engineer (Dipl.-Ing.),
specialist of intellectual property law

Lawyer, graduate engineer (Dipl.-Ing.),
specialist of intellectual property law
specialist of media law and copyright law

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horak Law Firm - IP Law, Anti Trust Law, Unfair Competition Law, Law on technical matters, Procurement Law

horak is a leading IP/ IT/ food/ competition consultancy that provides the full range of IP/ IT/ food/ competition services, from portfolio management, disputes and enforcement through to strategy, consulting and commercialisation.

Our law firm is big enough to provide a broad range of skilled and highly specialised legal services and yet small enough to approach each client individually. We advise middle-sized and large companies, economic institutions and corporations of different sizes governed by public law as well as private clients in almost all areas of national and international commercial and private law. That must be so.

We do, however, offer more. Our lawyers are highly specialised experts. You might already know us from former co-operation. You may have read scientific publications written by one of or lawyers, you may have participated in our seminars or you may have heard about us elsewhere. Should this be the first time that you have heard about us, you will get to know us as a reliable legal partner who will help you achieve your goal. You may as well appeal to you because of our profile and practice areas, which your network of experts does not yet cover.

Attorneys at Law Hannover
Patent Attorneys
Georgstr. 48
30159 Hannover (Headquarter)
Fon +49 511.35 73 56-0
Fax +49 511.35 73 56-29
Attorneys at Law Bielefeld
Patent Attorneys
Herforder Str. 69
33602 Bielefeld
Fon +49 521.43 06 06-60
Fax +49 521.43 06 06-69
Attorneys at Law Düsseldorf
Patent Attorneys
Grafenberger Allee 293
40237 Düsseldorf
Fon +49 211.97 26 95-00
Fax +49 211.97 26 95-09
Attorneys at Law Hamburg
Patent Attorneys
Colonnaden 5
20354 Hamburg
Fon +49 40.882 15 83-10
Fax +49 40.882 15 83-19
Attorneys at Law Stuttgart
Patent Attorneys
Königstraße 80
70173 Stuttgart
Fon +49 711.99 58 55-90
Fax +49 711.99 58 55-99






Attorneys at Law Berlin
Patent Attorneys
Wittestraße 30 K
13509 Berlin
Fon +49 30.403 66 69-00
Fax +49 30.403 66 69-09
Attorneys at Law Bremen
Patent Attorneys
Parkallee 117
28209 Bremen
Fon +49 421.33 11 12-90
Fax +49 421.33 11 12-99
Attorneys at Law Frankfurt/ Main
Patent Attorneys
Alfred-Herrhausen-Allee 3-5
65760 Frankfurt-Eschborn
Fon +49 69.380 79 74-20
Fax +49 69.380 79 74-29
Attorneys at Law Munich
Patent Attorneys
Landsberger Str. 155
80687 Munich

Fon +49 89.250 07 90-50
Fax +49 89.250 07 90-59
Patent Attorneys Vienna
Trauttmansdorffgasse 8
1130 Vienna
Fon +43 1.876 15 17
Fax +49 511.35 73 56-29


  • German
  • English
  • French
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • Polish
  • Portugese
  • Japanese
  • Russian

Technical practice:

  • Classical and modern physics
  • Solid state physics
  • mechanics
  • Laser physics
  • Electrical engineering
  • electronics
  • High frequency technologies
  • High voltage technology
  • telematics
  • mechatronics
  • information technology
  • Data processing technology
  • image processing technologies
  • Semiconductor technology
  • Entertainment electronics
  • Computer hardware
  • IT technology
  • software
  • telecommunications
  • Automation technology
  • optics
  • Atom physics
  • molecular physics
  • mechanical engineering
  • Construction machinery
  • Automotive industry
  • shipbuilding
  • Aircraft construction
  • Drive technology
  • Control technology
  • Process engineering
  • manufacturing engineering
  • production technology
  • packaging technology
  • Paper Technology
  • Product development
  • measurement technology
  • control technology
  • Process technology
  • domestic appliances
  • Small appliances
  • Food technology
  • Aerospace
  • Safety engineering
  • Power engineering
  • Material technology
  • Steel production
  • Steel processing
  • metal technology
  • Ceramic technology
  • Alloys
  • nanotechnology
  • energy technology
  • renewable energy
  • Life Science
  • Medical technology
  • biology
  • biophysics
  • biotechnology
  • microbiology
  • pharmacy
  • pharmacology
  • active ingredients
  • biochemistry
  • chemistry
  • Physical chemistry
  • Organic chemistry
  • Inorganic chemistry
  • pharmaceutical
  • antibody
  • biosimilars
  • generics
  • diagnostics
  • Plant biotechnology
  • Diagnostic technology
  • implants
  • immunology
  • virology
  • Genetic engineering
  • microorganisms
  • plants
  • animals
  • human medicine
  • food
  • polymers
  • catalysts
  • lithography
  • photography

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